Infante-Arana Francisco

 “In my artistic practice, the principle of a phenomenon corresponded (and did even before this) to the idea of the infinite. In its context, I was interested in the theme of the cosmos. Its infinite facilities, its paradoxical possibilities, its reality of the impossible”.

Born in 1943

Francisco Infante-Arana was one of the leaders of Russian Kinetic art. In 1962, Infante-Arana and Lev Nussberg founded an artists’ cooperative, which developed the ideas of constructivism and formed the core of the “Movement” group. Beginning in the mid-1970s, Infante-Aranta began to develop the idea of the artifact, which combined the creation of an object with an artistic geometric form, the establishment of the object in its surrounding environment and the fixing of an altered landscape as an artifact onto the camera. Having created this complicated system of landscapes, the artist did not resort to montage (photoshop would only be created thirty years later), but used the basic technological skills to create objects and special constructions, as well as the resulting footage of the artifact-objects. He currently lives and works in Moscow.


The artist's work can be found in the following museums and collections:
The State Tretyakov Gallery
Contemporary Art Museum