02/02/2024A set of sculptures by Oleg Tselkov was acquired.
01/09/2024The plate “Portrait with a palette” by Oleg Tselkov.
10/15/2023Two earlier works by Eduadr Steinberg were acquired.
05/25/2023The artwork "Tarusa" by Eduard Steinberg was acquired at the Bonham auction in Paris.
12/08/2022Oskar Rabin "Stop! Moscow Street", 1959.
11/15/2022Lidia Masterkova, Untitled, 1958, 45 x 67 oil on paper/
06/20/2022From the new series of Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid "Nostalgia for socialist realism" three masterpieces of artists were purchased.
10/03/2021Lidia Masterkova Planets, triptych no.9, 1978.
09/12/2021Oksana Mas 2 artworks from the Drive series (2012).
05/15/2021Oksana Mas 6 artworks from the Flamenco series (2017)
10/08/2020AES + F, AHL, Episode 1, #6, (2004), AHL, Episode 2, #12, (2004)
10/01/2020Lydia Macterkova "Untitled" (1958), Eduard Shteinberg "Compozition Zaitsevs" (1988).
09/20/2020Eduard Shteinberg "Composition Advent of the Bird" (1988).
11/30/2019Francisko Infante-Arana, Artefacts (First Artefact), From the Suprematist Games Series (1968)
11/29/2019Sergei Volkov "Zarplata/Rabota " (1988-2007)
10/05/2019Oleg Kulik "Pigs", "Eclipce", "Elefant", "Walrus"
09/25/2019Oleg Kulik "Alice vs Lolita", "Eagles", "Seals", "Wolf"
05/15/2019Semyon Faibisovich "Two Suns”.
03/15/2019Eric Bulatov “Black Hole”, 1965
10/12/2018Komar and Melamid, “A Day and Night in the life of an Actress”.
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