01/20/2011New artworks of Oleg Tselkov.
12/02/2010New work by Erik Bulatov.
11/17/2010Three early works by Evgeny Rukhin from the artistís family inheritance were added to the collection.
10/09/2010A section of the collection dedicated to the most recent period was inaugurated with a work by Alexey Belyaev-Gintovt.
09/23/2010Igor Tsukanov acquired the series of plates by Erik Bulatov.
09/10/2010We wish to call your attention to one more painting by Oscar Rabine.
08/18/2010New artworks of Dmitry Plavinsky.
07/05/2010One more work of Vitaly Komar and Aleksandr Melamid appeared in Igor Tsukanovís collection.
06/15/2010We wish to call your attention to paintings by Dmitry Plavinsky and Evgeny Rukhin.
04/28/2010Igor Tsukanov supplemented his collection with the artworks of Vladimir Nemukhin and Oscar Rabin.
04/21/2010New artworks of Evgeny Rukhin and Sergei Volkov.
03/19/2010One more work of Alexander Kosolapov appeared in Igor Tsukanovís collection.
01/18/2010We wish to call your attention to paintings by Natalya Nesterova and Vladimir Nemukhin.
12/22/2009A new name has been added to the collection with the acquisition of a painting by Tatyana Nazarenko. You may also view new works by Pyotr Belenok and Sergei Volkov.
11/30/2009New artists Ė Lydia Masterkova and Igor Kopystyansky Ė now appear in the collection. You can find their biographies and works on our web site. Works by such artists as Oskar Rabin, Anatoly Zverev and Oleg Tselkov have also been added to the collection.
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